Ohlone Costanoan
Esselen Nation
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Senobio Naredo, September 12, 1919
Addressed to his sister, Christina
Naredo, Monterey, California
(changed to Carmel)

Note:  I am sending the picture of the
ship I am,
your brother, S.F. Naredo
Patrick J. Miranda, left home at 16 to
join the Army, he lied about his age, when
it was found out he was sent home.  He
then rejoined in 1950. Service Battery -
Ammunition Truck Driver - Hauled
infantry to front lines.

Ribbons - Japanese Occupation -
Good Conduct - United Nations -
South Korean Citation -
2 Service Stars -
Appreciation Medal, South Korea
Thomas J. Miranda
U.S. Navy - Seaman First Class
June 14, 1943 to April 10, 1946
Maintained Radar equipment and setup radar
outposts - special security - gunnery school
U. S. Marines - Corporal
September 18, 1946 to August 25, 1948
September 29, 1950 to August 25, 1953
Basic Rifleman - Military Police Training -
Convoy duty - Traffic Control - Brig
1964 Certificate of Training - Preparatory Course 1967
Certificate of Airborne School - Army Commendation
Medal 3/68 to 7/68 - Bronze Star Medal 1/68 to 8/68
Meritorious Service in connection with ground operations
against a hostile force in the Republic of Vietnam.  
Honorable Discharge as Staff Sergeant E-6 Regular Army,
Citation National Guard of Arizona 158th S&S Battalion
for Outstanding Performance of duty with Reorganization
Task Force 1976.  Certificate of Appreciation, 1978
presented by Navajo Nation, in a time of great need
worked long and hard to bring relief to stricken Navajo
families and thus helped to alleviate their suffering and
hardship of those immobilized by the quagmire of mud.
1981 Certificate of appointment as Warrant Officer,
1981 Honorable Discharge, Army National Guard
U.S. Army 25th Infantry Division,
Schofield Barracks HI
13th Military Police Detachment, Rank: Specialist
Currently Serving – Traffic Accident Investigation
Served 4 years – Iraq Campaign

Army Accommodation Medal
Army Achievement Medal
Good Conduct Medal
Iraq Campaign Medal
Overseas Service Ribbon
National Defense Service Medal
Global War on Terrorism Service Medal
Azevedo, Theodore M. Jr.        U.S. Marines     
Baty, Willard K.                       U.S. Navy       
Burden, Earl M.                        U.S. Navy     
Burden, Gerald E.                     U.S. Navy        
(Burden) Buccieri, Nikki          U.S. Navy        
Burden, Richard M. B.              U.S. Army          
Casareno, Hope J.                     U.S. Air Force               
Cordero, Michael W.                U.S. Army            
Escobar, Augustine L.               U.S. Army      
Escobar, Emery E.                    U.S. Army/Air Force    
Escobar, Jerry M.                     U.S. Army       
Escobar, Laurence T.                U.S. Army               
Fernandez, Robert I.                 U.S. Navy       
Guyton, Steven R.                     U.S. Navy     
Kavanaugh, Robert A         U.S. Army     
LeMasters, Ernest               U.S. Army   
Machado, Louie F.              U.S. Navy
Martinez, Gary W.              U.S. Army
McNulty, James F.              U.S. Navy
Miranda, James D.              U.S. Navy     
Miranda, Kenneth W.          U.S. National Guard      
Piazzoni, Louis                    U.S. Army
Thielman, Thelda L.                      
Varien, Charles Lawrence    U.S. Army
Varien, Charles Lewis          U.S. Army
Watson, Charles E., Jr.         U.S. Army  
Additional Ohlone Costanoan Esselen Nation Veterans - without pictures
James Dahlman
April 2001 - September 2005
U.S. Air Force
94th Fighter Squadron
Langley, VA.

Marksmanship Medal
DOD Medal