Reburial - Mission Carmel  Rudy Rosales, Louise J. Miranda-Ramirez -
Rudy, Gary Martinez, Louise &  representatives for Carmel Mission
Reburial - 17 Mile Drive close to Cypress Point
Interview with PUBLIC COMMUNICATIONS, Monterey, CA
Meeting at Soledad with Amah Mutsun
Meeting with NATIONAL PARKS SERVICE To claim and rebury 7 Esselen Ancestors.
Signing of Agreement with National Park Service for Ohlone Costanoan Esselen Nation to be lead tribe in reburial of 7
Esselen Ancestors.  Tribal Chairwoman , Louise J. Miranda Ramirez, signing agreement. Tom Nason, Louise, Lorrie
Planas, Special Indian Consultant to NPS and Robert Duckworth, Salinan Nation.  2008
Ohlone Costanoan
Esselen Nation
Official Tribal Website
Rose Marie Miranda, Dr. Deborah Miranda and Louise J. Miranda Ramirez
at the Gathering of California Indians at University of Davis.
Meeting Chumash Cousins
Canadian Friend, Louise and Val Lopez
University of California at Berkeley, Breath of Life Conference, private tour of baskets in warehouse. We were
able to hold two (2) Costanoan, one (1) Chumash, the Esselen basket was on display in museum.  June 2008