Ohlone Costanoan
Esselen Nation
Official Tribal Website
OCEN at the Salinas
John Steinbeck Library
welcoming Michael
Blake, Author, Dances
with Wolves, The Holy
Road - April 18, 2009
Thank You, Elizabeth
Martinez for inviting
OCEN Tribal Members, Cole Gomez,
Louise J. Miranda Ramirez, Carmen Gomez,
Beatrice Bernal and Alex Gomez
Louise J. Miranda Ramirez and
Beatrice Bernal
Louise, Carmen Gomez, Roberta Cravalho,
Benita Gomez and Georgina Fernandez
Dolores and Gary Gomez
Celebrated their 25th Anniversary on
April 25, 2009

Sophia Gomez
Anthony Gomez
Louise J. Miranda Ramirez
Elder, Beatrice Bernal
Carmen Gomez
Gary Gomez
Cole Gomez
Charles Gomez
Benita Gomez
Vanessa Gomez
Gary Gomez Jr.
Christopher Gomez
OCEN Welcoming Robert Greygrass, Actor, Storyteller, Musician and Carmel at the Golden State Theatre, Monterey, CA. Thank you for the invite Lisa Henry, April 26, 2009
OCEN participated in the StoryCorps project on March 15, 2009.  Philip Laverty interviewed each of us, we were so happy he did because we didn't know what to ask each other.  
James and Gary participated in a combined interview, Council Member, Pauline Martinez did a separate interview with Phil.  Tribal Chair, Louise J. Miranda Ramirez participated
in separate interview and a CD of stories in our language will be available at the Tribal Gathering in August.  Nimasianexelpasaleki Phil, GREAT JOB!
Jeremy, works for StoryCorps
and made us so comfortable we
could do so many more
interviews. Nimasianexelpasaleki
Jeremy.  Please check out
Mecxica New Years Festival -
San Jose, CA, March 2009
The Muwekma Ohlone opened
with prayer on their indigenous
lands.  The Amah Mutsun and
Esselen Nation gave prayer also.
Louise, on behalf of OCEN
assisted the Muwekma with
abalone necklace shaping.
May 28, 29 and June 1, 2, 2009.  CA-MNT-391, Ancestral remains disturbed on known recorded site.   Appointed MLD, OCEN Tribal Chairwoman Louise J. Miranda Ramirez with Alexandria Casares, Philip Sandoval,
Ernest Ramirez and Paul Mondragon (Amah Mutsun) volunteered to assist at the site. Paul Arias Jr., was the American Indian Monitor.  A reburial of the ancestor will take place upon completion of requested work.
Ohlone/Costanoan Esselen Nation 2009 Tribal Gathering